RevMan 5 Known Issues

Known issues in RevMan, such as bugs or other problems in RevMan

If you experience a problem not listed here, you can submit it using the problem reporting form.

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Verified issues

Case Title Details / Workaround Opened Priority
141056 Calculator not consistent in DTA reviews when fields have the value 0 If fields in Tests are 0 and the calculator is opened these fields are empty. Even though the fields are empty it is possible to press the OK button.
Either the OK button should be disabled or fields that are 0 should be transfered to the calculator.
This is for the DTA group to decide
2016-03-01 2 - Important
135112 revman5 and mac OS X Yosemite Java-RevMan installation issue with the Yosemite OS X 2014-10-24 2 - Important
134853 Track changes covered by the text marker are not removed after using Global edit function   2014-10-03 2 - Important
137165 Two SoF tables are added when Add button is clicked in DTA reviews   2015-04-08 2 - Important
144500 Wrong CI level shown in summary table The data and analysis summary table is displaying the Statistical Method as, for instance, "Risk Ratio(M-H, Fixed, 95% CI)", but it is the study CI level that is shown and now the total CI level. 2016-11-18 2 - Important
146866 Calculator: SMD calculated from SE and N show error due to rounding Calculator: SMD calculated from SE and N show error due to rounding. This should be addressed in RevMan Web. 2017-05-19 3 - Desirable
138133 Different dropdown list on studies' identifiers   2015-06-30 3 - Desirable
136907 Error when opening a Risk of bias sumary   2015-03-19 3 - Desirable
137166 Import Summary of Findings Table menu option disabled for DTA reviews   2015-04-08 3 - Desirable
133950 Make sure Java 6 and Java 7 updates are working for MAC   2014-07-21 3 - Desirable
135480 Problems updating RevMan on Mac OS On Mac OS, when you get the update available notice, click Exit and Install, the Setup window incorrectly says “Using the latest version”.

Workaround: Install the full version from
2014-11-20 3 - Desirable
137530 Changing study data source when adding a new reference identified with the Find screen open the Type is set to Other (no dropdown menu with other options) 2015-05-12 4 - Low priority
134813 Forest plot column heading loses resizing On the edit outcome/study data screen, if you switch Risk of Bias Summary on and then off again the column heading above the forest plot no longer resizes. 2014-09-30 4 - Low priority
137476 Last word in activated headings disappears   2015-05-06 4 - Low priority
136446 RevMan - find and mark links + ordering of trials   2015-02-11 4 - Low priority
135473 RevMan 5.3.5 not possible to update if the checked out review is open   2014-11-20 4 - Low priority
138486 RevMan not reporting Windows 10 or 8.1 when you report a problem When reporting a problem from RevMan from a Win10, the for is reporting as a Win8, verison number 6.2. 2015-08-07 4 - Low priority
135652 Should not allow linking Figures generated from the Data and Analysis section in protocols There is a flaw in RevMan. You can link a forest plot figure in the text for protocols by using hot key CTRL + L 2014-12-03 4 - Low priority
138856 Update license.txt file   2015-09-07 4 - Low priority
133915 Copying figures not working in Mac When trying to copy a Figure from RevMan to an external software (Word, Powepoint...), the copy button works, but there is not option to paste in the external software. 2014-07-18 5 - Pending decision
144109 Double quotation symbols in Licence agreement in MAC are not properly rendered   2016-10-20 5 - Pending decision
142247 DTA review - Some QUADAS fields not exported to CSV Data from the RoB tables in DTA is not properly exported into the excel file 2016-05-26 5 - Pending decision
138721 Error in check out window (connected to test server)   2015-08-26 5 - Pending decision
141566 Error in doing subgroup analysis   2016-04-07 5 - Pending decision
143263 Error message on saving and closing RevMan   2016-08-26 5 - Pending decision
135389 Error message when moving studies between forest plots   2014-11-14 5 - Pending decision
141018 error when pressing "summary of bias" butoon in figure of analysis   2016-02-29 5 - Pending decision
146743 Figure labelling   2017-05-10 5 - Pending decision
147082 Footnotes on forest plots are truncated to one line If a footnote on a forest plot is longer than a single line across plot, the text is truncated with ellipsis.

Workaround: If longer explanations are needed these have to go into the figure caption.
2017-06-06 5 - Pending decision
140247 loss of information when editing flow diagram   2015-12-22 5 - Pending decision
143202 RE: IVG 206 - DTA review   2016-08-22 5 - Pending decision
142986 Recognize Windows 10   2016-08-01 5 - Pending decision
141401 References all imported as type Other   2016-03-24 5 - Pending decision
147447 Status report in Overview reviews should show the number of included/excluded reviews Status Report should not show the numbers for included/excluded studies in the Overview Reviews, but should show the number of included/excluded reviews instead. 2017-07-03 5 - Pending decision
133794 The 'copy' function for figures is not working on Mac OS X When trying to copy a Figure from RevMan to an external software (Word, Powepoint...), the copy button works, but there is not option to paste in the external software. 2014-07-13 5 - Pending decision
142981 Update the citation information   2016-08-01 5 - Pending decision
133448 Update within RevMan fails   2014-06-24 5 - Pending decision
108914 Global Find and Replace does not support change tracking Normal text should be marked as deleted and the replacement text should be marked as inserted. Inserted text should be replaced. Deleted text should be ignored. 2010-11-19 3 - Desirable
115946 Not possible to enter a note in "Support for judgement" column and no icon displayed When entering a note on a row in the Risk of Bias table no icon is displayed. The context menu is also missing the "Add Note" when right clicking on the "Support for judgement" column. 2011-09-20 3 - Desirable
121843 Outline pane scrolls right when clicking in content pane After clicking and working in the content pane, the outline pane will scroll slightly to the right, concealing the blue keys needed to expand and collapse sections. This occurs, for example, when clicking in a section of the Main Text, or following the creation of a new comparison, outcome or subgroup. Workaround: expand the width of the outline pane. 2012-05-29 3 - Desirable
62833 Validation check reports Sources of Support as subsection of Review Information   2008-05-19 3 - Desirable
70860 Word Count should not count deleted words   2008-07-29 3 - Desirable
140113 Model/View problems   2015-12-11 2 - Important
95456 Blank lines are not marked as deleted/inserted using track changes   2009-10-13 3 - Desirable
68175 Forest plots are sometimes printed on a new page even though they fit on the current page   2008-07-02 3 - Desirable
24219 Main window resizing when other window opens using Windows look and feel Workaround: Use Metal look and feel instead. 2007-06-22 3 - Desirable
67435 Mouse problems Workaround: Try upgrading your mouse driver (or, if you have the latest version, possibly changing to the standard HID-compliant driver). 2008-06-25 3 - Desirable
43337 Not possible to insert text before/after table at the beginning/end of a section Workaround: Copy table, delete table, add paragraph, paste table. 2007-11-21 3 - Desirable
60011 Out of memory error Workaround: Increase available memory, see FAQ. 2008-04-23 3 - Desirable
41099 Track changes doesn't work for table operations, e.g. delete row   2007-11-05 3 - Desirable
139381 Back button error after deleting element After deleting an analysis, trying to use the Back button to return to previous place in review generates an "AWT-EventQueue-1" error. 2015-10-20 4 - Low priority
42968 Blank screen when visual effects are turned on Workaround: Turn off visual effects or upgrade to Ubuntu 9. 2007-11-18 4 - Low priority
127679 Copying internal RevMan links to Outlook causes problems When pasting text from RevMan that contains links to Studies, MS Outlook (verisons to be detemined) may crash. Workaround: paste into plain text first, eg using Notepad. 2013-07-04 4 - Low priority
29347 Desktop shortcuts to documentation are not working on Linux   2007-08-03 4 - Low priority
77735 GTK+ Look and Feel is not working properly unless RevMan is run as root Workaround: Use Metal Look and Feel. Use Ubuntu 9. 2008-10-23 4 - Low priority
136701 No Title help topic A help topic system file called 'No Title' can be found when searching. It contains a list of all help topics. 2015-03-03 4 - Low priority
45101 Not always possible to untoggle superscript at the end of a text field   2007-12-04 4 - Low priority
61126 Open file dialog hangs if you have a shortcut to the Windows desktop on the desktop Workaround: Delete the shortcut, or upgrade to the Java 6 edition of RevMan 5 where the problem is fixed. 2008-05-01 4 - Low priority
88789 References with notes containing empty lines are only partially imported   2009-06-19 4 - Low priority
79072 Underlined superscript text has incorrect line position   2008-11-10 4 - Low priority
112226 Uninstall Wizard does not show the latest RevMan version number if RevMan was updated If you start by installing a full version of RevMan 5.0.25, and then install the 5.1 update, it is still the 5.0.25 version number that is shown when you uninstall the software. 2011-03-27 4 - Low priority
127649 Default data source 'Published data (unpublished not sought)' not included in references If in the Study data in the Data Source is chosen the "Published data (unpublished not sought)" option this text will not appear under the study ID in the text view. 2013-07-03 5 - Pending decision
147478 Error deleting raws in Apendix 3   2017-07-04 5 - Pending decision
144465 Error when deleting a phrase in the Risk of bias assessment   2016-11-15 5 - Pending decision
113097 Incorrect random effects test for subgroup differences when RevMan 5.1 review is opened in 5.0 If a review is re-opened in RevMan 5.0 after having been opened in RevMan 5.1, a test for subgroup differences for random effects analyses is shown, but this is based on fixed effect calculations. The reason is that RevMan 5.0 does not know how to calculate the test for random effects analyses, so it does 'the best it can'. Workaround: update to RevMan 5.1. 2011-04-29 5 - Pending decision
111154 Multiple error messages suppressed If multiple validation errors are present only one will be showed. 2011-02-17 5 - Pending decision
123320 Numbering reset when mixing numbered and bulleted lists If you switch between numbered list and bulleted list the numbered list doesn't continue from where it stopped. 2012-09-11 5 - Pending decision
144456 Spellcheck does not identify misspelled words i.e., type "Novembe" or "Novembr", Spell check does not underline the words. 2016-11-14 5 - Pending decision
124646 Avira antivirus is reporting a virus in RevMan 5.2 Avira antivirus is reporting that RevMan 5.2 contains the TR/Dropper.Gen trojan virus. We have submitted the file to Avira and they have confirmed that this is a false positive. We expect this to be fixed in a future update to Avira. See 2012-12-18 6 - Don't implement/fix
124006 Error opening DTA review When a DTA review that has been saved from RevMan 5.2 is opened in RevMan 5.1, the following error message is displayed:

File '[path/name]' could not be opened.
cvc-complex-type.3.2.2: Attribute 'AXIS_OFFSET' is not allowed to appear in element 'ANALYSIS'.
It might be possible to open the file anyway if you turn off file validation under Preferences.

Workaround: Update to RevMan 5.2. DTA reviews in RevMan 5.2 format are not backwards compatible with 5.1.
2012-11-09 6 - Don't implement/fix