RevMan Web

What is RevMan Web?

RevMan Web is the next generation of Cochrane’s software for preparing and maintaining systematic reviews.

This web-based version of RevMan will work across all platforms, be installation-free, and automatically updated. Featuring an improved and modernised workspace and user interface, RevMan Web will offer a more intuitive and enjoyable user experience.

RevMan Web is central to the new Cochrane Review Ecosystem that supports Cochrane’s core mission of producing high-quality systematic reviews. This is a strategic, long-term move by Cochrane to enable:

  • New analysis methods and content
  • Strong integration and data flow across other elements of systematic review production software such as Covidence, GradePro, LinkedData, and CRS
  • A modern, adaptive user interface 

To work with RevMan Web on Cochrane reviews, the user must have a Cochrane Account and write access to a review in Archie.

What does the future look like?

RevMan Web is currently being used by selected beta testers and will be constantly improved in response to input from users. Enhancements and new functionality will be introduced on the Updates page. More users will be invited as experience shows that RevMan Web can replace RevMan 5 until it is available to all.

RevMan Web allows us to improve the review writing process. New value for Cochrane will be implemented in line with the roadmap below:

RevMan Web Roadmap

Covidence integration
Covidence is Cochrane's partner tool for screening and data extraction. Integrating RevMan Web with Covidence helps fulfil the goal to streamline the review production process and will allow authors to switch easily between the systems.

SoF Tool integration
This integration will simplify the work on your summary of findings table in GRADEpro or MAGICapp. You will be able to initialize a summary of findings table in RevMan Web by choosing which SoF tool you want to use and the analyses data will be available directly in that SoF tool. This integration will also allow for easy updating. When changes are made in RevMan Web that may impact your summary of findings table you will be notified and asked to pull in the new data to the SOF tool with a few clicks.

Risk of bias 2.0
The best analysis in the world cannot create valuable evidence if the data are not reliable. Updating the risk of bias tool to version 2.0, recently approved by the scientific committee, will help Cochrane authors produce evidence of high quality.

Study oriented data structures
RevMan currently manages data according to the analysis structure: comparisons, outcomes and subgroups. In order to aid reviews with complex analyses (e.g sensitivity analysis) and enable tighter integration with other tools; authors will gradually be able to try out a study oriented data structure.

Network meta-analysis
RevMan 5 only supports pairwise comparisons of interventions. Often there are more than two interventions to compare against each other. Introducing network meta-analysis in RevMan Web enables a more integrated view of the evidence in these cases.