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To work with RevMan Web on Cochrane reviews, you must have a Cochrane Account and be an author or editor of a Cochrane review. RevMan Web is currently only available for Intervention reviews and not yet available for non-Cochrane reviews.

What is RevMan Web?

RevMan Web is the next generation of Cochrane’s software for preparing and maintaining systematic reviews. This web-based version of RevMan will work across all platforms, be installation-free, and automatically updated. Featuring an improved and modernized workspace and user interface, RevMan Web will offer a more intuitive and enjoyable user experience than RevMan 5.

RevMan Web is central to the new Cochrane Review Ecosystem that supports Cochrane’s core mission of producing high-quality systematic reviews. This is a strategic, long-term move by Cochrane to enable:

  • New analysis methods and content
  • Strong integration and data flow across other elements of systematic review production software such as Covidence, GradePro, MAGICapp, LinkedData, and CRS
  • A modern, adaptive user interface

RevMan Web is currently being used by authors and editors that have chosen to use RevMan Web for their protocol, new review or review update. These users give feedback and support development of new features. Do you also want to start using RevMan Web for your Cochrane review? Sign up here.

What does the future look like?

RevMan Web is constantly improved in response to input from users. Enhancements and new functionality is introduced on the Updates page.

RevMan Web’s technical architecture makes it possible to improve the review writing process. Integration with other tools and capabilities for Cochrane will be implemented in line with the roadmap below.

RevMan Web Roadmap

Support editors
The needs of Managing editors and Copy editors differs widely from authors’ needs to edit review content. To support the full cycle of the review process in RevMan Web we are now implementing features that help editors work effectively in RevMan Web.

Risk of bias 2.0
A new tool for assessing risk of bias in intervention reviews (Risk of Bias 2 or RoB 2) is due to be introduced in 2019. It will feature changes to domains which are based on signaling questions that will guide authors to make their bias judgements. The aim of the new tool is to create consistent assessments of bias and to focus on results of studies that contribute information to the most important outcomes in a review. This will enable review authors to assess the impact of bias on their results more reliably. You can read more about Risk of Bias 2.0 here. RevMan Web will adapt to the new method to allow you to input the results reached in the Risk of Bias 2.0 tool. A first version of Risk of Bias 2.0 in RevMan Web will be trialled in reviews, starting in April 2019. Contact if you are interested to know more about Risk of Bias 2.0.

Study-centric data
Result data for studies is currently entered in the Analyses section. To enable re-use of result data e.g. for sensitivity analysis, the result data will be saved within each study. You will define eligibility criteria for an analysis; Outcome, Experimental intervention, Control intervention and if needed Study characteristics to subgroup by. RevMan Web will then automatically pull in the right result data and combine it to create the forest plot. In the longer term, this new way of working will enable tighter integration with partner tools and facilitate introduction of Network meta-analysis. Read more about how the work is progressing and which immediate benefits will come with the new way of working here.  

SoF Tool integration
With this integration your edits in GRADEpro or MAGICapp can be automatically transferred to RevMan Web. Also, if analysis data in RevMan Web is changed, the changes will be transferred to your SoF and you will be prompted to review your SoF in your SoF tool.

Covidence integration
Covidence is Cochrane's partner tool for screening and data extraction. When the integration with Covidence is in place, study data gets automatically updated in RevMan Web and users can easily switch between the systems. This will also be possible when updating reviews.

Network meta-analysis
RevMan 5 only supports pairwise comparisons of interventions. In many cases there are more than two interventions to compare against each other. Introducing network meta-analysis in RevMan Web enables a more integrated view of the evidence in these cases.

Future priorities when the new ecosystem of review authoring tools is in place:

  • Non-Cochrane reviews
  • Other review types