Updates on RevMan Web

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Sign up here if you want to edit your Cochrane review in RevMan Web. If you want to initiate a Cochrane review, please contact the relevant review group before you sign up. If you want to try out RevMan Web before editing your own review you can use Practice reviews.

Recently released features:

  • RevMan Web now has its own domain: revman.cochrane.org. If you try to use the old URL: https://archie.cochrane.org/revman, you will be asked to use to the new URL. Note that if your review is currently not available in RevMan Web you need to sign up using the link above for the review to become available.
  • Author support roles can now edit reviews in RMW via My reviews.
  • View mode: If a review is checked out, you can now go in and look at the last version in RevMan Web. An Eye icon at the end of the review title in My Reviews indicate that the review is read-only. Reviews are still not viewable for authors when they are in editorial phase.

Currently the Review Production team is working on:

  • Integrating with the screening and data extraction tool Covidence and enabling review updates using Covidence.
  • Protocol view: allows you to easily see which parts of the review will be published in the protocol.

RevMan Web beta test in numbers

20 August 2018