Updates on RevMan Web

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To work with RevMan Web on Cochrane reviews, you must have a Cochrane Account and be an author or editor of a Cochrane review. RevMan Web is currently only available for Intervention reviews and not yet available for non-Cochrane reviews.

Recently released features and improvements:

  • The new GRADEpro integration with RevMan Web improves your way of creating and updating your summary of Findings tables. You need to contact your Managing Editor to enable this feature as it breaks RevMan 5 compatibility
  • The validation report helps you keep track of the small editorial details that are easy to forget before submitting your protocol or review for editorial checks

Currently the features in progress in RevMan Web are:

  • Warnings in the validation report

These items are in development, but you can review them and give feedback if you contact the Review Production Team on revman@cochrane.org.

4th November 2019