Updates on RevMan Web

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To work with RevMan Web on Cochrane reviews, you must have a Cochrane Account and be an author or editor of a Cochrane review. RevMan Web is currently only available for Intervention reviews and not yet available for non-Cochrane reviews.

Recently released features and improvements:

  • Study characteristics has now been added to the full text view
    This allows you to search through all review text  and study characteristics by using the browser search (short cut to open: ctrl+F).
  • Improved navigation in study data and references
    • You can now move to the next or previous study to edit the study data
    • You can now move to the next or previous reference to edit fields
  • The labels Comparison and Outcome under Analyses in RevMan Web have changed to Analysis Group and Analysis. The new labels are more generic to cover the broad usage of the existing labels Outcome and Comparison. Renaming Outcome to Analysis also aligns with the Cochrane Handbook and the Cochrane Library. In most reviews, Analysis Groups will still represent comparisons.  We are making this change as part of a project to implement a new study-centric data structure in RevMan Web. The changes are not implemented in Review Manager 5. You can read more about study-centric data in RevMan Web here.

The work on study-centric data is not yet available for reviews in RevMan Web but you can try it out in a practice review here or join the pilot by contacting revman@cochrane.org. The following parts are now completed:

  • Defining PICOs on review-level
  • Enter result data on study level
  • Setting up analyses with study-centric data
  • Subgrouping by covariates
  • User guidance for study-centric data

Currently the features in progress in RevMan Web are:

  • Integration between GRADEpro and RevMan Web
  • Choose which new features to turn on when creating a Practice review (Risk of Bias 2, Study-centric data)

These items are in development, but you can review them and give feedback if you contact the Review Production Team on revman@cochrane.org.

26 July 2019