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Declarations of interest (R106)

Declarations of interest

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R106 Declarations of interest Mandatory  
  Report any present or recent (three years prior to declaration) affiliations or other involvement in any organization or entity with an interest in the review’s findings that might lead to a real or perceived conflict of interest. Include the dates of the involvement.   

The full policy on conflicts of interest is available in the Cochrane Editorial and Publishing Policy Resource (EPPR). In brief, the nature and extent of the affiliation or involvement (whether financial or non-financial) should be described to promote transparency. Strategies to clarify how commercial and intellectual conflicts of interests (such as review authors who are trialists) were handled in the review process may be needed.

Declarations of interest should be stated according to the relevant criteria from the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE), and must be consistent with interests declared on the Disclosure of Potential Conflicts of Interest form.

See Handbook 2.6

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