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Differences between protocol and review (R107-R108)

Differences between protocol & review

  Standard Rationale and elaboration Resources
R107 Changes from the protocol Mandatory  
  Explain and justify any changes from the protocol (including any post hoc decisions about eligibility criteria or the addition of subgroup analyses). MECIR conduct standard 13: Justify any changes to eligibility criteria or outcomes studied. In particular, post hoc decisions about inclusion or exclusion of studies should keep faith with the objectives of the review rather than with arbitrary rules. See Handbook Section 3.2.1
R108 Methods not implemented Mandatory  
  Document aspects of the protocol that were not implemented (e.g. because no studies, or few studies, were found) in the section ‘Differences between protocol and review’, rather than in the Methods section. Including a record of methods that were not implemented helps to retain specific details of the protocol. By doing so, the next version of the review can be seen to be coherent with what was planned in the protocol.   See Handbook Section III.3.7


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R107: See Handbook (version 6), Section 3.2.1 ADDED
R108: See Handbook 2.1 -changed to- See Handbook (version 6) Section III.3.7

18/03/2021: removed (version 6) from all references to the Handbook as all references are to the most current version of the Handbook
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18 March 2021