Cochrane Training resource: writing the protocol

Cochrane Interactive Learning: module 2 - writing the review protocol

  Standard Rationale and elaboration Resources
PR3 Background Mandatory  
  Provide a concise description of the condition or problem addressed by the review question, a definition of the intervention and how it might work, and why it is important to do the review. Include the four standard RevMan headings when writing the Background.

Systematic reviews should have a clearly defined and well-reasoned rationale that has been developed in the context of existing knowledge. Outlining the context of the review question is useful to readers and helps to establish key uncertainties that the review intends to address. 

Four standard headings are included in RevMan (‘Description of the condition’, ‘Description of the intervention’, ‘How the intervention might work’, and ‘Why it is important to do this review’).

See Handbook Section III.3.2
PR4 Background references Mandatory  
  Back up all key supporting statements with references. Claims or statements regarding aspects such as disease burden, morbidity, prevalence and mechanisms of action should be substantiated and, where available, supported by evidence.  


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PR3: See Handbook 4.5 -changed to- See Handbook (version 6) Section III.3.2

10/03/2021: removed (version 6) from all references to the Handbook as all references are to the most current version of the Handbook
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