Cochrane is now on Slack…join us!

Cochrane is now on Slack…join us!

Cochrane is now using Slack, an online collaboration and chat platform, to encourage communication between members of our core community.

Using Slack, you can connect with your own Cochrane Group or Centre, other Cochrane Groups, and Central Executive Team members easily. Slack is a true collaboration platform; apart from chatting with team members, you can request to form your own channels (smaller group chats or larger, themed groups), direct message people, make calls and share screens, and join channels that are relevant to your work. Slack can help you stay informed about goings on at Cochrane, hear the latest news, get support, chat, and participate. 

With many of us now working from home due to current coronavirus circumstances, Slack also serves as a virtual office space and “water cooler”; Cochrane members from around the world have recently been sharing pictures of their home office set ups and their favourite recipes to make during unexpected time at home. Join the conversation and feel more connected with your colleagues during this unusual time.

Slack has been set up to allow access for Cochrane Core Staff. To log in to Slack, you will need a qualifying role in a Cochrane Group:

  • Staff in Cochrane Central Executive, Fields, Geographic Groups, Review Groups, Satellites and Networks
  • Group Member in Governing Board
  • Managing Translator in Translation Projects
  • Convenor in Methods Groups
  • Copy Editor

If you aren’t sure you have a qualifying role, you can check the Roles tab in your Cochrane Account. If you don't have a qualifying role, you will need to contact your primary group Super User, who can give you this role.

To access Slack, you can login to the Cochrane Slack Workspace using your Cochrane Login. If you need any help setting up your account, check out this Cochrane Helpdesk article.

We look forward to chatting with you soon on Slack!

March 19, 2020