Governance Meetings

The Cochrane Governance Meetings typically occur in March/April every year. They are an opportunity for Cochrane's Boards and Executives to meet and agree the organization's strategic priorities. Each year they are hosted by a different Cochrane Group based in Europe or other easily accessible location for the majority of participants and are supported by the Central Executive Team.

Upcoming Cochrane Governance Meetings:

The following questions will be included as part of agendas for all Cochrane Group meetings held in May:

  1. What new challenges and opportunities have been created for Cochrane by world events of the past 18 months?
  2. What are the main challenges for your constituency and what information and/or support do you need from Cochrane to address those challenges?
  3. What topics would you like to discuss with other Group staff and organizational leaders at the Governance Meetings in June, and how would you like to discuss them (e.g. by mixing CRG staff with Geographic Group staff, or in randomized small groups)?

Group Exec Meetings




Proposed Dates




Geographic Group Director's Exec Meeting

26th May




Co-Eds Meeting

Meeting One: 17th May 08:00 BST
Meeting Two: 25th May 13:00 BST
Meeting Three: 1st June 17:00 BST




Managing Editors Exec Meeting

17th May




Consumers Exec Meeting

11th May




Information Specialists Exec Meeting

18th May




Fields Exec Meeting

18th May




Methods Exec Meeting

26th May




Council Meeting

27th May




Early Career Professionals

19th May




Authors' Panel

19th May