Full speed ahead for TaskExchange

Full speed ahead for TaskExchange

TaskExchange: why I don’t have time to write this post.

I’m really sorry, but I just don’t have the time to write this post.

You see, we’ve just released a new version of TaskExchange and opened up access, so now any member of the global evidence community can join, and I’m just a bit frantic as a result.

So what am I up to that’s keeping me away from writing this post? Well…

TaskExchange blogshot

Uptake of the new version of TaskExchange has been great – we had 30 new-to-Cochrane signups in just the first hours of being open, and more Cochranites keep joining, taking us to nearly 500 members. People are so very excited about the opportunity to contribute to the work of Cochrane that it’s making me buzzy.
Now that we are approaching 200 tasks posted, it seems like every time I log on, there is a new task on our front page at taskexchange.cochrane.org. I tweet all the new tasks via @task_exchange, forward them to people I know will be interested and keep track of our now more than Twitter 300 followers.

Why TaskExchange?

I also get in touch with Centres relevant to the translation tasks, and take time to thank Richard Morley for all his work promoting our tasks to consumers. Then there are all the cool new translations of our materials to organise (like these here in Croatian and Polish).

TaskExchange in Seoul

I’m getting ready for sessions on TaskExchange at the Colloquium (New ways to put people at the heart of producing Cochrane evidence: Cochrane Crowd and TaskExchange and Project Transform: bringing people, process and technology together for evidence production).

TaskExchange Learning Live

And I’m also excited about the upcoming Cochrane Training webinar I’ll be running with Anna Noel-Storr on 21 September 2016 (Putting the Power of Cochrane to work for you: Getting the most out of Cochrane Crowd and TaskExchange)


And best of all is the never-ending stream of great ideas about what TaskExchange can, and could, be doing.

  • Can Cochrane Trainers be promoting TaskExchange in their training sessions as a way of getting help? Yes please!
  • Can Cochrane Crowd members come and join TaskExchange? Yes, definitely!
  • Can Centres translate TaskExchange materials into their languages, and tell their regions about TaskExchange? Oh yes, that’s a great idea.
  • Can the Central Editorial Unit be added as a group so they can add their tasks? Yes – done!
  • Can Review Groups tell their authors about TaskExchange and post tasks about peer review and dissemination? Yes, for sure!
  • Can Methods Groups be suggesting their members check it out and feed into reviews on DTA, overviews, and complex statistical analysis? Yes!

And I’ve sure you’ve got more ideas – please keep them coming!

But my favourite bit in all of this business? Well that’s easy.

It’s the emails that I’m copied into where a new-to-Cochrane TaskExchange volunteer helps out with a data extraction task, and does such a good job that the team invites them to join as an author.

Those are the moments when I remember to take a breath and realise just how cool TaskExchange is, and how lucky I am to be a part of it. Come see what all the fuss is about!

Find out more:
Head to taskexchange.cochrane.org, post a task or two, help someone out, and check out the changes we’ve made in the last few weeks.

Send us your stories of using TaskExchange and suggestions about how we can make TaskExchange better meet your needs at taskexchange@cochrane.org

Tari Turner
on behalf of the TaskExchange team


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August 25, 2016

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