Chris Champion - Head of Membership, Learning & Support Services

My role is to lead the department in its delivery of membership, learning and support services across the organisation. This includes the training we do for authors (face-to-face workshops by Centres, online resources and one-to-one support), as well as support for Editors, Cochrane Group staff, consumers, methodologists and other contributors. It also includes maintaining Cochrane’s membership scheme, and services to support anyone who is getting involved in Cochrane’s work. I am responsible for implementation work, and so my team works with all our contributor groups to consider the implementation of new policies, processes, methods and technologies, and to think about how we can answer questions, enable new contributors to get involved and make your work as easy and supported as possible.

I want everyone who engages with Cochrane to have a positive experience and I believe the Membership, Learning and Support Services work is critical in achieving that.


Chris Watts - Learning and Support Manager

My role is to support the Head of MLSS in delivering learning projects across the Cochrane community. I work on a range of learning projects including design and development of learning materials and pathways to support our community of learners in a variety of Cochrane roles, particularly through online resources and initiatives for distance learners.

I am a researcher by background and I come to Cochrane from the Royal College of Nursing in the UK, where I led a team of Research Analysts delivering evidence synthesis and evaluation projects supporting professional development and policy. I have also worked as a researcher and occasional lecturer at Liverpool Business School, the University of Warwick and London Ambulance Service NHS Trust. My particular area of interest is in how research and learning is implemented and evaluated.

I am based in York in the UK.


Richard Morley - Consumer Co-ordinator

I work to support consumer involvement in the production and dissemination of Cochrane evidence. I do this in a number of ways including co-ordinating the Cochrane Consumer Network, a large and growing community of over 1400 patients, carers, family members, and people who support the principle of involvement in research. I am a non-voting member of the Consumer Network Executive whose members are elected by consumers themselves. More information about consumer involvement can be found at


Dario Sambunjak - Learning Content Officer

My job is to work on design, development, update, and evaluation of online learning materials, collections, and events to support our community of distance learners, primarily authors and editors. I’m also acting as the Co-Chair of the Workshop Committee at the Cochrane Colloquiua.

I have graduated medicine, but my career developed around research, scientific methodology, and journal editing. I worked as a teacher and researcher at three universities in Croatia, and held a position of a Croatian Cochrane Branch co-director for five years before joining the Membership, Learning and Support Services.

I am based in Zagreb, Croatia.


Oliver Willis - Project Support & Administrator

My role is to provide effective project and administrative support to the MLSS team, contributing to the delivery of membership, learning and support services across the organisation. I am based in London, UK.


Community Support Team

As the Community Support team, we provide help for Cochrane’s current and potential members and supporters on a wide range of Cochrane activities, from technical support to membership enquiries, translations to training.

We respond to emails and queries from the ‘Contact us’ and ‘Help’ forms on the Cochrane website. As a team, we are able to respond to queries in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese. Don’t hesitate to send us your questions, we love to help!


Diane Gal - Community Support Officer

I am a Cochrane author, and an active volunteer in Cochrane Crowd and Task Exchange. I also helped to develop the first online learning courses for Cochrane UK.

Ursula Gonthier - Community Support Officer

I am the Editorial Assistant for the Cochrane Wounds Group.

Denise Mitchell - Community Support Officer

I am the Cochrane Information Specialists’ and Managing Editors’ Executives’ Support Officer, and I am a Cochrane Copy-Editor.