Publishing, Research and Development (PRD)

Our mission is to support evidence-informed health decision-making by supporting the development of evidence based products and services inspired by the healthcare community.

We are here to harness and cultivate the innovation that already exists across Cochrane, through innovative products, ideas and new technologies, to develop tools and services that will support both producers and users of evidence.

As a new department within the Cochrane CET we will work closely with the Cochrane Library and the Cochrane Author Support Tools product teams to ensure product roadmaps are informed by market research and a detailed understanding of our customer and user needs.

Our three main areas of responsibility are:

  • Core product development
    • Cochrane Library
    • Cochrane Author Support Tools
  • Managing commercial services
    • Cochrane Response
    • Cochrane Interactive Learning and RevMan via the Cochrane Innovations trading subsidiary
  • Innovative research and development
    • Linked Data strategy
    • Horizon scanning
    • 'Seed'┬áresearch, innovation and market testing new ideas