Group Executives

Cochrane Groups operate within Cochrane’s organizational framework of accountability in all of their activities and actions. Cochrane Review Groups and Methods Groups report to the Editor in Chief (EiC) and, through him/her, to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO); and Cochrane Centres, Fields and the Consumer Network report directly to the CEO. The CEO reports and is accountable to the Governing Board.

Group Executives consult with those they represent on issues relating to their roles and functions within the organization. They also provide communication channels between each other and with the Governing Board and its various sub- and advisory committees, and advise the Governing Board, the EiC, the CEO, and the Central Executive team on aspects relating to the Executives' functions within registered Cochrane Groups.

Members of the Group Executives come from the communities they serve:

  • Geographic Groups' Directors
  • Consumers
  • Cochrane Review Groups: Managing Editors; Information Specialists
  • Fields
  • Methods Groups

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