Partnership updates

In preparation for the Cochrane Governing Board meeting in October 2019 in Santiago, an update paper was prepared to inform about the work with our external partners. Some of the key developments to note:

  • The Partnerships page on the community website has been updated in order to make it easier to access information about our external partnerships (including details of Partnership Advisory Groups, Terms of Reference and news updates).
  • At the Santiago Colloquium, workshops were planned on stakeholder mapping and Wikipedia editing skills, as well as an open meeting on the WHO–Cochrane partnership (though, due to the cancellation, these did not happen). 
  • In light of Cochrane’s planned advocacy work, which will involve collaboration with both new and existing partners, we will do a wider review of organizational partnerships and a mapping exercise at the end of 2019 to identify those with whom we should be working.

The annex in the paper provides a detailed overview per partner, also specifying the plans for the coming months. For further information please contact Sylvia de Haan (Senior Advisor, External Affairs, Partnership, Fundraising) or Emma Thompson (Advocacy and Partnership Officer).

Cochrane organizational partnership information: