Partnership updates

In preparation for the Cochrane Board meeting in September 2018 in Edinburgh, an update paper was prepared to inform about the work with our external partners. Some of the key developments to note:

  • The Knowledge Translation Working Group on Strategic Partnerships developed a guidance document to support partnership development by Cochrane groups. The guidance document, case studies and related resources are available from the KT partnership pages on the community website. This resource will be expanded further, and webinars around partnership development are expected to be developed in 2019 as well.
  • To maintain and continue Cochrane’s official relation with WHO, a report of the activities from 2016 to date, as well as a plan of work for 2019-2021 have been submitted to WHO. The plan of work was informed by a series of meetings David Tovey and Sylvia de Haan held in April 2018 with the new leadership of WHO, as well as with Directors of various departments. The new plan of work responds to WHO’s 13th Global Programme of Work. The plan of work is being reviewed by WHO, and we expect a decision re the continuation of Cochrane’s status as NGO in official relation with WHO after the WHO Executive Board in January 2019.
  • It has been agreed that the Global Evidence Summit (GES) will be organised as an ongoing quadrennial event, and the next Summit is planned for 2021.

The annex in the paper provides a detailed overview per partner, also specifying the plans for the coming months. For further information please contact Sylvia de Haan (Senior Advisor, External Affairs, Partnership, Fundraising).

Cochrane organizational partnership information: