Strategy for Change: 2021-2023

During 2019 and 2020, we developed a new organizational strategic framework for 2021 onwards that would help us go further in realizing our vision of a world of better health for all people. This framework was nearing completion following wide consultation.

However, due to the unprecedented global events of the past two years, Cochrane is now operating in quite a different strategic environment. The Governing Board has therefore decided to pause work on a longer-term framework and focus instead on the changes the organization needs to make in the next two years to remain sustainable. These changes are set out in the new interim plan, the Strategy for Change: 2021-2023.

Many of the priorities that came out of the strategic framework consultation remain highly relevant and have strongly influenced the development of the Strategy for Change, which is based around the three Goals of Producing Evidence, Advocating for Evidence, and Informing Health & Care decisions. The key principles are drawn from Cochrane‚Äôs founding principles. 

Click on the image below to download and read Cochrane's Strategy for Change in English, or view the Strategy for Change in Spanish here.

Strategy for Change