Draft new strategic framework

Strategy to 2020 has set in motion transformational change in the way Cochrane works at all levels of the organization with the aim of giving us the best chance to achieve our mission.

Many of the initiatives started during Strategy to 2020 are still being implemented and most of the strategic aims are still relevant. For this reason, the Governing Board and Senior Management Team are proposing the new strategic framework takes forward the structure of the Strategy to 2020. It is applicable to all Cochrane Members and will be owned by Cochrane Groups and the Central Executive Team, who make up the ‘core staff’ of the organization:

Diagram of the Strategic Framework
Proposed structure of the new strategic framework


Structure of the new strategic framework
Vision Vision describes a desired future state for the world, when our Mission has been achieved
Mission Mission defines the fundamental purpose of the organization – why it exists and what it does to achieve its Vision
Goals Goals describe four long term strategic ambitions for the organization. If we achieve our Goals, we will achieve our Mission
Objectives The Objectives articulate the specific areas where Cochrane aims to make tangible and measurable progress over the next 3-5 years, in pursuit of the Goals. They prioritize Cochrane’s work
Activities Activities are the prioritized areas of work undertaken by Cochrane Groups and the Central Executive Team to deliver the Objectives

Strategic planning, implementation and evaluation are iterative processes. The Governing Board and Senior Management Team propose that this new strategic framework builds in improved processes for monitoring and evaluation in order that learning from current activities can inform future strategic decisions in a timelier way, and impact can be measured and communicated.