Timeline and process

A picture of a meeting
Governing Board and Senior Management Team
meeting, Santiago, Chile, October 2019

Since October 2019, the Governing Board and Senior Management Team have been considering a wide range of inputs and ideas for the development of the next strategic framework. The draft of this framework is now shared here with Cochrane members, supporters, funders and partners for consultation. Your input will be collated, reviewed and used to make changes and produce a final version. This is your opportunity to show support for what’s proposed or suggest changes.

The aim is to launch the final version of the new framework at the virtual Annual General Meeting in November 2020, with activities to deliver the outcomes set out in the framework beginning from 2021. The Governing Board and Senior Management Team had planned a series of face-to-face consultations at various Cochrane meetings throughout 2020, with a launch event at the proposed  - now cancelled - Colloquium in October. However, due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on international travel, consultation and launch will now take place virtually.

Timeline for delivering the new strategic framework

ACTIVITY AREAS Nov-Dec 19 Jan-Mar 20 Apr-Jun Jul-Sep Oct-Dec Jan-Mar 21
(and onwards)
Preparatory work            
Strategic Framework development         Annual
COVID-19: operational and
impact evaluations
Strategic consultation: Members
and supporters
Strategic consultation: Funders and Partners – leading to longerterm relationship building            
Development of activities under Objectives for 2021, piloting new approaches to project and workplanning            
Development of new processes for monitoring and evaluation of Strategic Framework and activities (internal and external stakeholders)            
Strategy to 2020 evaluation and report            

Download the activity chart for the development of the next strategy here.