Welcome to the 2017 Financial & Resource Monitoring of Cochrane Groups. 

All registered Cochrane Groups should complete the Financial & Resource Monitoring Form by the deadline of Friday 3rd November 2017. This includes Affiliates and Satellites of Groups. It will take at least one hour to complete and requires an internet connection throughout.

Please contact Sarah McCarthy at Finance & Core Services (monitoring@cochrane.org), if you have any questions or need to make changes after submitting your form.

A summary of the data will be publicly available in 2018. Specific details about Groups will remain confidential.

Given its important purpose, completion of this form is mandatory for all Groups, including Affiliates and Satellites. Non-responding Groups may be de-registered at the discretion of the Governing Board within six months of the stated deadline.

Who should complete the form:

This form should be completed by a member of your Group or delegated to someone in the finance department of your host organisation. Before submission, it must be approved by the person in charge of your Group (e.g. Co-ordinating Editor or Centre Director).

Only one form per Group should be submitted!

Information you will need to complete the Form:

  • Access to your Group's financial records for its last complete and current financial years
  • Information on staff numbers and sources of staff salarie
  • Information on funding applications made by the Group

Period covered by the form:
Information is being collected for your Group's last complete financial year: a 12-month period ending at some point in 2016 or 2017. You will be asked to specify your last complete financial year in question 9.

Only Groups that were registered before 31 December 2016 should complete the form this year; Groups registered in 2017 will be asked to complete the form from next year onwards.

Format of the form:
This form is broken down into different sections: About you and the Group you are reporting on; A summary of your Group's financial health; Sources of direct income in the last financial year; Future income stability; Areas of expenditure in the last financial year; Human resources; In-kind support from your Group's host organisation; Final comments.

When entering figures, please only add clean numbers without any text or currency signs (+ or - symbols are allowed). You will be asked to specify the currency in which your figures are denominated in question 10; please use this currency for all further questions.

Navigating the form:
You can go back and forth between pages. If there is a page you cannot complete, you can return to it later. Before submitting, you can return to the form on the same computer to make edits - it will remember your IP address and save your answers (please make sure that 'cookies' are enabled on your web browser). There is no print option on this form, so if you need to print your answers as you go, please use a 'print page' option on your computer. You will not be able to return and make edits after the closing date of 3rd November 2017. Once the survey closes, the Central Executive Team will provide you with a PDF of your completed answers.

All information provided in this form will be subject to Cochrane's Data Protection Policy.

Personal information: The name and contact details of the person completing the form are requested to enable the Central Executive Team to query the information provided. These details will not be shared. 

Cochrane Group information: Information about Groups will be published in aggregate on Cochrane's websites and print publications. Information about individual Groups will not be available to the public but will be shared with Cochrane's Senior Management Team and Cochrane's Governing Board.