Welcome to the 2019 Financial & Resource Monitoring of Cochrane Groups

[The following two documents will be available soon]

  • Access the online 2019 Financial & Resource Monitoring Form
  • Download a PDF copy of the blank form to support your work. Please note that it does not include the multiple choice answers from the dropdown menu you can get on the online form.

All registered Cochrane Groups should complete this Financial & Resource Monitoring Form by the deadline of 20th September 2019. This includes Affiliates and Satellites. It will take at least one hour to complete and requires an internet connection throughout.

Purpose of the form:

The information you provide in this form supports an organization-wide data-gathering exercise that gives a picture of Cochrane’s overall ‘financial health’. It is not an audit of your accounts and the information will therefore not be exactly the same as that which you provide to your host organization funders.

  • It enables the Governing Board and Central Executive Team to provide information to the public about who funds Cochrane, the collective monetary cost of the organization’s work, and the number of people involved in Group activities.
  • It supports the preparation of statistics about Groups in order to benchmark operations and identify best practice.
  • It identifies whether Groups are operating sustainably, highlighting any actual or potential resource issues.

Given its important purpose, completion of this form is mandatory for all Groups, including Affiliates and Satellites. Non-responding Groups may be de-registered at the discretion of the Governing Board within six months of the stated deadline.

Who should complete the form:

This form should be completed by a member of your Group or delegated to someone in the finance department of your host organization. Before submission, it must be approved by the person in charge of your Group (e.g. Coordinating Editor or Centre Director).

Only one form per Group should be submitted!

Find out more by accessing the form. Questions can be submitted at any time to the Central Executive Team: monitoring@cochrane.org.