Editorial Board

The Editorial Board is responsible for supporting Cochrane’s Editor in Chief (EiC) and overseeing the review production process of Cochrane Reviews. Its main role is one of strategy and support to the CRG Networks and EiC. They will oversee the review production process, but not have an operational influence on the work of the Networks.

The main roles of the Editorial Board are:

  • develop editorial, publishing, and content strategies with the EiC;
  • support the EiC in the implementation of changes to improve consistency in the quality and timeliness of Cochrane Review preparation and publication;
  • support the EiC in the development, implementation, and audit of editorial policies and practices;
  • monitor the performance of the Cochrane Library;
  • work closely with the EiC to develop and oversee implementation of future strategy for the Cochrane Library.

The Editorial Board includes the eight Network SEs; a methodologist; one external member (representing the end users and with relevant experience in the area of evidence synthesis and its application in global decision making); and one representative from the Cochrane community who brings specific expertise in knowledge translation.

The Editorial Board is chaired by the EiC, supported by the Deputy EiC. Members of the Editorial Board are appointed for a renewable fixed term.

Editorial Board members

David Tovey Editor in Chief
Karla Soares-Weiser Deputy Editor in Chief
Lisa Bero, Public Health and Health Services Network Senior Editor
Michael Brown, Acute and Emergency Care Network Senior Editor
Chris Eccleston, Brain, Nerves and Mind Network Senior Editor
Nicole Skoetz, Cancer Network Senior Editor
Cindy Farquhar, Long-Term Conditions and Ageing 1 Network Senior Editor
Peter Tugwell, Long-Term Conditions and Ageing 2 Network Senior Editor
Robert Boyle, Children and Families Senior Editor
Asbjørn Hróbjartsson, Circulation and Breathing Senior Editor
Tammy Clifford, Senior Adviser representing the Evidence User community
Paul Garner, Innovation and Review production Senior Adviser
Sally Green, Knowledge Translation Senior Adviser
Julian Higgins, Senior Methods Adviser
Jimmy Volmink, Equity and Diversity Senior Adviser