Funding Opportunities

The following funding opportunities are currently available:

Update on Cochrane Review Support Programme 

Cochrane Review Support Programme (CRSP) grants aim to financially support the publication of high priority Cochrane Reviews.

Applications for the Cochrane Review Support Programme (CRSP) closed on Mon April 23rd.

Successful applications for the Cochrane Review Group Networks Innovation Fund 2019

The Cochrane Review Group (CRG) Networks Innovation Fund aims to support review production and/or editorial procedures that lead to harmonization of processes and improvements in content or quality across the CRG Networks and the Cochrane Library.

We received 10 applications from across the CRG Networks community and the applications were assessed by an external Committee consisting of Gert van Valkenhoef (Cochrane CET, ITS), Jimmy Volmink and Paul Garner (Editorial Board), Joanne McKenzie and Miranda Langendam (Methods Executive), using a pre-defined evaluation criterion.

The top five applications as judged by the Committee will be funded and they showcase a variety of innovative solutions to improve processes within Cochrane as well as quality and content of Cochrane Reviews.

Project Lead CRG Network Project team Project proposal
Obesity Gap Analysis & Prioritisation Abdomen and Endocrine Network Cindy Farquhar, Lisa Bero, Bernd Richter, Luke Wolfenden, Celeste Naude, Solange Durao, Liz Bickerdike, Rachel Richardson, Lee Yee Chong Application
Using Microsoft Academic Graph and automation tools to establish and maintain new CRG Specialised Registers of Economic Evaluations Children and Families Network Luke Vale, James Thomas, Ian Shemilt, 
Lindsey Elstub, Eugenie Johnson, Sheila Wallace
Public health relevance in Cochrane reviews Public Health and Health Systems Network Lisa Bero, Lee Yee Chong, Newton Opiyo, Celeste Naude, Dr Rebecca Ryan, Sophie Hill, Simon Lewin, Paul Garner, Luke Wolfenden, Hilary Thompson, Paul Aveyard, Jos Verbeek Application
Instructions for inclusion and presentation of time-to-event outcomes in Cochrane Intervention Reviews – development of training resources Cancer Network Nicole Skoetz, Elvira van Dalen, Fergus Macbeth, Marius Goldkuhle, Catrin Tudur-Smith, Philip Dahm, Newton Opiyo Application
Optimal methods for the use of ‘pain’ as an outcome in systematic reviews of postoperative pain management Musculoskeletal, Oral, Skin and Sensory (MOSS) Christopher Eccleston, Andrew Moore, Emma Fisher, Neil Oconnell, Nuala Livingstone, Anna Erskine Application

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