How to apply for establishing a new Cochrane Geographic Group
Step 0: Expression of Interest
Step 1: Application
Step 2: Assessment
Step 3: Approval/Rejection
Step 4: Set-up and Launch

How to apply for establishing a new Cochrane Geographic Group

Establishing a Cochrane presence in a country or region is a major undertaking, whether this concerns a small Affiliate or a larger Centre. It is important, therefore, that there is a clear process for assessing applications, so Cochrane can be assured that new Groups have the necessary resources, skills and credibility to be successful, and new Groups understand the support they can expect to receive from Cochrane.

All applications for a new Affiliate, Associate Centre, Centre or Geographic Group require the approval of the Geographic Groups' Executive. Cochrane Centres will, in addition, need formal approval from the Cochrane Governing Board. The Head of Geographic Groups Support has line responsibility for all of the activities of these Groups, however, in most cases the direct oversight, management and support of Affiliates and Associate Centres will be provided by an existing or designated Centre, which must support the application of the new Associate Centre or Affiliate. The Head of Geographic Groups Support will work with the Geographic Groups' Executive on assessing the applications for new Groups.

Step 0: Expression of Interest

If you are interested in establishing a Cochrane presence in your country, please contact Sylvia de Haan (, Head of Geographic Groups' Support  to start an informal discussion on possible opportunities. This initial phase is important, as it will help develop linkages to existing Cochrane Geographic Groups from the beginning and may also help explore other collaborative opportunities instead of (or in addition to) new Group registration.

Step 1: Application

Once a decision has been taken to go for a formal new Group registration process, the first step is to:

In most cases applications for new Affiliates and Associates Centres will be drawn up with the help and support of the Cochrane Centre which is going to take on the responsibility of managing the Group if its registration is approved.

Completed application forms and strategic plans need to be sent to Sylvia de Haan ( at the CEO’s office.

Step 2: Assessment

The CEO’s Office will review the application, check its completeness, provide feedback and work with the submitting Group to complete the application as appropriate.

Following review by the CEO’s office, all applications will also be reviewed by the Geographic Groups' Executive and comments and feedback will be shared through the CEO’s Office with the applicant.

Step 3: Approval/Rejection

Applications to register an Associate Centre or an Affiliate require the Head of Geographic Groups Support and the Geographic Groups' Executive approval only.

Applications to register a Cochrane Centre require, in addition, the approval of the Cochrane Governing Board. Following the assessment phase, the CEO’s Office will submit a recommendation to the Board for their review and voting. In case of rejection, feedback will be provided.

Following formal approval, a Collaboration Agreement will be signed. For Cochrane Centres and Networks this Agreement will be established with the Cochrane Central Executive. For Cochrane Associates and Cochrane Affiliates a similar agreement will be signed with their reference Centre or Network.

Step 4: Set-up and Launch

Following application approval, the applicant will be contacted by Veronica Bonfigli (, Governance Officer, at the CEO’s Office to start the formal registration process. During this phase, all the behind-the-scenes work needs to be done to make the new Group, or a change in existing Group status, official.

The process follows 3 steps:

  1. Establishing the Group in Archie
  2. Website/Branding/PR (For Cochrane Centres and Associates ONLY and Affiliates which are the first Cochrane presence in a country
    • You will be put in contact with Cochrane's website support staff to help you setting up your website.
    • You will receive brand guidelines and put in contact with Sabrina Khamissa ( to receive your personalised logo.
    • A launch date will be agreed and you will work with our Communications Team to announce the launch.
  3. Launch
    • For the official launch, a news item may be published on the or Cochrane Community website. Additional communication opportunities may be explored in the geographic setting of the new Group.

If you have any questions on Group Registration, please contact Veronica Bonfigli ( at the CEO’s Office.