Annual Targets

The Senior Management Team proposes annual targets for delivery by the Cochrane Groups and Central Executive Team in support of Strategy to 2020. These are then considered by the Governing Board. The Targets approved by the Board for 2019 are as follows:

  1. Achieve the annual objectives and targets of Cochrane’s Content Strategy
  2. Assure the quality and consistency of Cochrane’s editorial process
  3. Make Cochrane Reviews more accessible to decision makers
  4. Review our policies on Open Access to Cochrane Reviews and datasets
  5. Continue to deliver more features and enhancements in the Cochrane Library
  6. Support health policy makers to use Cochrane evidence and new advocacy initiatives
  7. Build capacity in the Cochrane community to produce more complex reviews and undertake knowledge translation activities
  8. Evaluate, plan and begin implementation of an improved Editorial Management System for Cochrane Review production
  9. Strengthen Cochrane as a global organization through a series of initiatives

Read about the Targets in full: Strategy to 2020 2019 Targets.

In addition to the Targets, there is a significant body of work planned for 2019 to be undertaken by Groups and the Central Executive Team, funded by core funds. Work to deliver the Targets is supported by both core and Group funding.

Read the 2019 Plan & Budget to meet  Strategy to 2020 Goals and Objectives and also Annex 1: Central Executive Team Departments.

Read the Strategy to 2020 Q3 Report.

How will we define success?

The Senior Management Team has developed a document that provides the Governing Board, and the wider Cochrane community, with a definition of success for each of the Strategy to 2020 Objectives; an assessment of predicted progress; and a framework for establishing the work remaining to be done to reach that definition of success. This document is intended to be relevant until 2020, but developed and updated as work is completed and the organization adapts to new circumstances. It’s an update of the version published in 2017.

Definition of success by 2020, an assessment of progress and a framework for work remaining

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