Equity and Diversity Task Force

Goal 4 of Cochrane’s Strategy to 2020 is ‘to be a diverse, inclusive and transparent international organisation that effectively harnesses the enthusiasm and skills of our contributors, is guided by our principles, governed accountably, managed efficiently and makes optimal use of its resource’. In order to become a truly diverse and inclusive organization, Cochrane needs to ensure that involvement in its work, including production of systematic reviews, is equitable.

A Cochrane Equity and Diversity Task Force on has been established with the following members:

  1. Chair: Mark Wilson (Cochrane CEO, UK)
  2. Karla Soares-Weiser (Editor in Chief, Cochrane Library, UK)
  3. Rebecca Armstrong (Cochrane Public Health Group, Australia)
  4. Agustin Ciapponi (Director, Cochrane Argentina)
  5. Chiehfeng (Cliff) Chen (Co-Director, Cochrane Taiwan)
  6. Jan Clarkson (Co-Ed, Cochrane Oral Health Group, UK)
  7. Graziella Filippini (Co-Ed, Multiple Sclerosis and Rare Diseases of the Central Nervous System Group, Italy)
  8. Hernando Gaitán (Co-Ed, Cochrane STI Group, Colombia)
  9. Jackie Ho (Director, Cochrane Malaysia)
  10. Shayesteh Jahanfar (author and trainer, Canada/Iran)
  11. Jimmy Volmink (Director, South African Cochrane Centre)
  12. Dario Sambunjak (Secretary, Cochrane Learning & Support Department, Croatia)

The aim of the Equity and Diversity Task Force is to improve the equity and diversity of involvement of Cochrane contributors and members in all aspects of the organization’s work, and particularly in the process of conducting systematic reviews. The Terms of Reference can be viewed here.