Introduction on Funding Arbiter

Cochrane policy on commercial sponsorship dictated that the position of Funding Arbiter be established. The Funding Arbiter(s) convene(s) a panel of up to five members (excluding him/herself) to give guidance on difficult issues which have been referred with respect to the policy on commercial sponsorship.

Membership of the Funding Arbitration Panel
The Funding Arbitration Panel (FAP) comprises up to five people, in addition to the Funding Arbiter(s). The Convenor(s) (i.e. the Funding Arbiter(s)) are appointed by the Cochrane Board. The other FAP members are identified by the Funding Arbiter(s) in consultation with the Co-Chairs of the Board, and are approved by the whole Board. At least one of the FAP members must be from outside Cochrane; the remaining members may or may not be Board members. The Funding Arbiter(s) may also choose to invite the Editor in Chief, or his representative, to participate in the panel and its meetings. The FAP will hold regular meetings (a minimum of four times per year) to discuss cases, policy, education, and strategy relating to the policy on commercial sponsorship.

Funding Arbiters: Fergus Macbeth and Angela Webster

Funding Arbitration Panel: Dorie Appolonion, Joaquin Barnoya, Andreas Lundh, Richard Wormald

Support: Maria Gerardi, Administrative Officer, Cochrane Central Executive; Ruth Foxlee, Information Specialist, Cochrane Editorial Unit

The term of the Funding Arbiter is limited to three years, with the possibility of another three-year term, to a maximum of six years. The term for the other FAP members is three years, with the possibility of another three-year term, to a maximum of six years. No two FAP members should leave the panel at the same time or within twelve months of each other, i.e. FAP membership should be staggered so that there is continuity within the panel.

For more information, please see the full job description.