Cochrane Editorial and Publishing Policy Resource

The Cochrane Editorial and Publishing Policy Resource (EPPR) is Cochrane's editorial and publishing policies and practices for articles published in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, the Cochrane Library.

The EPPR includes policies relevant for different stages in the development of Cochrane Reviews and other content:

  • Pre-submission (policies that apply to proposals for Cochrane Reviews and the preparation of Cochrane Reviews and other Cochrane content before the articles are submitted for editorial review); for example, Cochrane Review proposals, Cochrane Review updates, managing expectations for authors, reporting search dates in Cochrane Reviews, standards for Cochrane Reviews, supplemental data and files, and Cochrane Style Manual.
  • Submission to publication (policies relevant to Cochrane content between submission for editorial review and up to publication); for example, copy-editing, peer review, plagiarism, appeals, and rejection of Cochrane Reviews.
  • After publication (policies relevant to articles after publication); for example, article sharing, comments, serious errors in Cochrane Reviews, and withdrawing published Cochrane Reviews.

The EPPR includes general editorial policies that are applicable throughout the preparation of articles before publication; for example, authorship and contributorship, conflicts of interest and Cochrane Reviews, and defamation.

The EPPR includes general publishing policies; for example, access to archive of Cochrane Reviews, advertising, citation versions, complaints procedure, complimentary Cochrane Library access for Cochrane authors and Groups, co-publication, impact factor, licence for publication forms, open access, permission to reuse Cochrane Reviews, and PROSPERO.

The EPPR also includes an editorial management section for Editors that provides guidance for editorial teams on how to implement the policies listed in the Cochrane Editorial and Publishing Policy Resource plus policies or information specific to Editors involved in the preparation and publication of Cochrane Reviews and other Cochrane content (such as Assigning ‘What’s New’ events to Cochrane Reviews, Copy Edit Support, editorial responsibility and approval, editorial workflows for Cochrane Reviews, Cochrane Editorial & Methods Department screening resources, and managing overlapping scope in Cochrane Reviews).