Cochrane's Communications Network


The Communications Network (CommsNetwork) consists of members of Cochrane’s Community including communications and language translations teams in Cochrane Groups, and their interested contributors. CommsNetwork members receive a weekly Knowledge Translation (KT) and Comms Digest, providing content for further communications efforts and for multi-language planning. The weekly Digest includes:

  • A listing of any newly published noteworthy Cochrane Reviews with recommendations on dissemination from Cochrane’s Methods and Editorial, and Knowledge Translation Departments
  • A listing of all the language translations completed in the past week and news from Cochrane’s multi-language teams
  • Recommended tweets and key messaging for social media dissemination
  • News from Cochrane Community, such as any recent newsletters, blog posts, or other submissions from members
  • Recently published Cochrane Reviews and embargoed news items for language translation and communication planning purposes, such as press releases and Featured Cochrane Reviews

Anyone can join and start receiving the weekly digests by signing up here.

Questions about the CommsNetwork or submissions can be directed to Lydia Parsonson.