Knowledge Translation in multi-languages

Only about 6% of the world are native English speakers while 75% don’t speak English at all. Clearly English alone isn’t enough when it comes to making evidence accessible to our target audience: the entire world. This is why Cochrane established a Multi-language Strategy at the start of 2014, with the aim of increasing capacity and impact in non-English speaking countries. To do this, we rely on the hard work of local translation teams around the world, who translate Cochrane Reviews and related content into their languages (see our 2017 translations infographic).

In this section, you will find information about our multi-language activities; how to get involved as a translator; and a range of resources to support our translators, authors, and editors across Cochrane Groups.

Project contact: Juliane Ried

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Multi-language projects

The table below lists our active translation projects. These languages regularly translate Cochrane abstracts and plain language summaries, and have their own translated version of, where you can browse and search Cochrane Plain Language Summaries in those languages.

Language Link to Other content
Croatian News

Cochrane France newsletter
Cochrane Switzerland newsletter
Evidently Cochrane Blogs in French


Cochrane Austria newsletter
Cochrane Switzerland newsletter
'Wissen was wirkt' German-language blog
Cochrane Deutschland Newsletter
Medical Questions website (Cochrane Austria) 

Portuguese Evidências em Saúde YouTube channel

Press releases
KT Framework

Simplified Chinese

Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Interventions
KT Framework


Biblioteca Cochrane
News and press releases
Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Interventions
Resources for authors
Cochrane Iberoamérica newsletter
Special Collections
Cochrane in Daily Practice
Cochrane Interactive Learning module 1

Traditional Chinese  

Multi-language Strategy

Cochrane’s Multi-language Strategy aims to increase our capacity to translate Cochrane content from English into other languages and strengthen our impact in non-English speaking countries.

In order to achieve this goal, we establish sustainable translation infrastructure and management to support all aspects of translation, encourage and invest in innovative and sustainable methods and approaches, and source partnerships to support the endeavour. The Strategy is built on an approach that relies on the Cochrane community to provide the bulk of translated Cochrane content, and also integrates crowd-sourcing and machine translation.

Our Knowledge Translation efforts and activities are aligned with our Multi-language Strategy.

Multi-language resources

Here are a few guidance and training resources to assist Cochrane’s multi-language teams with their work and dissemination activities.

  • Introduction for new translators
  • Tips for editors and translators
  • Planning and managing a translation project
  • Dissemination and promotion of translations
  • Translating podcasts and blogshots
  • Press releases and media
  • Social media