Our Knowledge Translation work is led and coordinated by  Cochrane’s community, with representatives from Review Group Networks, Fields, and Geographic Groups all working together to share their experiences and to be leaders and champions for Cochrane KT.  These groups are guided by the KT Advisory Group and assisted by the Knowledge Translation Department within Cochrane’s  Central Executive Team.

Advisory Group

The Advisory Group brings together leaders in Cochrane who have an interest and experience in Knowledge Translation to advise on effective implementation and leadership of Cochrane’s KT Framework.

Working Groups

The Working Groups support the implementation of the wide-ranging work packages (WPs) described in the KT Framework.

Each of the Working Groups consists of members of the Cochrane community and each varies in size and meeting frequency depending on the overall scope and aims of the Working Group. The Terms of Reference for the Working Groups can be found here (to be added soon).


Cochrane Fields focus on dimensions of health care other than a condition or topic – which may include the setting of care, the type of consumer, or the type of provider. Cochrane Fields facilitate the work of Cochrane Review Groups and ensure that Cochrane Reviews appropriate to their area of interest are both relevant and accessible to their fellow specialists and consumers.

Knowledge Translation Department

The Knowledge Translation Department is part of Cochrane’s Central Executive Team.  The Department is responsible for the coordination and project management of Cochrane’s KT activities; to develop and support the implementation of Cochrane’s KT Framework involving multiple projects and groups across the organization globally. The project areas of the KT department include coordinating the outputs of the Working Groups, external and internal communications, dissemination, media out-reach, multi-language strategies, brand marketing and events to ensure they are integrated as part of the overall Knowledge Translation implementation plan.