The KT Advisory Group brings together leaders in Cochrane who have an interest and experience in Knowledge Translation to advise on effective implementation and leadership of Cochrane’s KT Framework.

The role of the KT Advisory Group is to:

  • Provide advice and guidance to the core project team and Working Groups coordinating the implementation of the KT Framework and enabling KT activities.
  • Act as advocates for the change we want to see in Cochrane with regard to KT, engaging and challenging others throughout Cochrane in developing and enacting our KT activities.

Cochrane’s KT Advisory Group are:

  • Jo Anthony (UK, Co-chair)
  • Sarah Chapman (UK)
  • Rachel Churchill (UK)
  • Maureen Dobbins (Canada)
  • Therese Docherty (UK)
  • Claire Glenton (Norway)
  • Sally Green (Australia)
  • Sylvia de Haan (the Netherlands)
  • John Lavis (Canada)
  • Juan Erviti Lopez (Spain)
  • Joerg Meerpohl
  • Bronwen Merner (Australia)
  • Richard Morley (UK)
  • Stefano Negrini (Italy)
  • Pierre Ongolo Zogo (Cameroon)
  • Karla Soares-Weiser (UK/ Israel)
  • Maureen Smith (Canada)
  • Denise Thomson (Canada)
  • Luke Wolfenden (Australia)