Working Groups

Working Group 1: Embedding Prioritization

The aim of this group is to ensure Cochrane systematic reviews respond to national, regional, and global health thematic priorities. This work focuses on developing processes to identify priority areas for Cochrane reviews. This blog from November 2018 provides an update of progress.


  • Sylvia de Haan (Co-Chair)
  • Ruth Foxlee (Co-Chair)
  • Elie Akl
  • Rachel Churchill
  • Sally Crowe
  • Ekpereonne Esu
  • Sally Green
  • Jamie Hartmann-Boyce
  • Jan Hoving
  • Patricia Jabre
  • Frances Kellie
  • Anne Littlewood
  • Mona Nasser
  • Celeste Naude
  • Stefano Negrini
  • Heid Nokleby
  • Patrick Okwen
  • Karla Soares-Weiser
  • Goncalo Silva Duarte
  • Annie Synnot
  • Allison Tong

Working Group 2: Improving and Up-scaling Products

The aim of this group is to map and document current activity for developing and disseminating different Cochrane Review formats across the Cochrane community. In this way we aim to facilitate shared learning and identify activities for scale up; determine which formats are best for which Review and audiences; and prioritize products for further development. This blog from November 2018 provides an update of progress.


  • Jo Anthony (Chair)
  • Bert Avau
  • Malgorzata Bala
  • Sarah Chapman
  • Joyce Chen
  • Moriam Chibuzor
  • Sarah Elliott
  • Francesca Gimigliano
  • Claire Glenton
  • Urbà González
  • Sally Green
  • Puneet Gupta
  • Shauna Hurley
  • Tamara Kredo
  • Anne Littlewood
  • Patricia Logullo
  • Sarah Rosenbaum
  • Fiona Russell
  • Selena Ryan-Vig
  • Joel Tiller
  • Khaled Turkman
  • Muriah Umoquit
  • Susan Wieland

Working Group 3: Multi-language

The aim of this group is to link language translation work to improving and scale up products in order to translate products most appropriate for specific reviews, audiences, and settings; and consider how to improve existing translations initiatives. To see examples of Cochrane work already occurring in other languages then please look at our case studies.


  • Malgorzata Bala (Co-Chair)
  • Andrea Cervera (Co-Chair)
  • Joerg Meerpohl (Co-Chair)
  • Francesca Gimigliano
  • Gladys Faba
  • Juan Erviti
  • Juliane Ried
  • Kathryn Mahan
  • Lilia Ziganshina
  • Regina Torloni
  • Xun (Tina) Li

Working Group 4: Growing Capacity in Users

The aim of this group is to strengthen the ability of users of Cochrane evidence to understand and apply it in their lives.  Although users are defined as consumers, practitioners, policy makers and healthcare managers, and researcher/research funders, this working group will also try to understand the needs of intermediaries such as the media. Further resources can be found on the Improving the uptake of Cochrane evidence section of the KT learning resources website.


  • Chris Champion (Co-Chair)
  • Lotty Hooft (Co-Chair)
  • Richard Morely (Co-Chair)
  • Emmy De Buck
  • Maureen Dobbins
  • Julia Engkasan
  • Marleen Finoulst
  • Pam Fuselli
  • Donna Gillies
  • Puneet Gupta
  • Pauline Heus
  • Catherine Marshall
  • Celeste Naude
  • Barbara Nußbaumer-Streit
  • Khaled Turkmani
  • Amy Verstappen
  • Taryn Young

Working Group 5: Formalizing Strategic Partnerships

The aim of this group is to strengthen mechanisms for effective dialogue with partners, and ensure Cochrane evidence and expertise are used by external partners and contribute to improving health outcomes. Examples of existing Cochrane partnerships can be found here and the Meaningful Partnerships section of the KT learning resources website provides further support for Groups looking to work with partners.


  • Sylvia de Haan (Co-Chair)
  • Maria Rojas (Co-Chair)
  • Ameer Hohlfeld
  • Carlotte Kiekens
  • Holly Millward
  • Rebecca Normansell
  • Livia Puljak
  • Tarang Sharma
  • Gonçalo Silva Duarte
  • Kathelene Weiss
  • Anna Williamson
  • Liliya Eugenevna Ziganshina

Working Group 6: Building KT Infrastructure and Internal Capacity

The aim of this group is to ensure that we deliver on building Knowledge Translation and engagement within Cochrane. This group is responsible for providing information about KT, resources, tools, and training products and making them accessible to Cochrane’s community through the KT learning resources website. In addition, the group aims to establish a training and development programme to build KT skills and develop KT leadership within Cochrane Groups.


  • Sally Green (Chair)
  • Denise Thomson
  • Julie Brown
  • Maureen Dobbins
  • Liliya Eugenevna Ziganshina
  • Craig Lockwood
  • Stefano Negrini
  • Livia Puljak
  • Tarang Sharma
  • Chris Watts

Working Group 7: Common Language

The aim of this group is to assist in clarifying KT terms, adjusting language to more commonly understood terms when possible, and to strive to use consistent, plain language in our communication and KT outputs.


  • Sarah Chapman (Co-Chair)
  • Therese Docherty (Co-Chair)
  • Jo Anthony
  • Sally Green
  • Regina Torloni

Working Group 8: Monitoring and Evaluation

The aim of this group is to investigate ways of evaluating the implementation of the KT Framework reviewing ways in which the impact of Cochrane’s work and activities can be captured, documented and shared with external stakeholders in line with the organizational goal of Strategy 2020.


  • Sylvia de Haan (Chair)
  • Rebecca Armstrong
  • Rachel Churchill
  • Tracey Howe
  • Craig Lockwood
  • Pierre Ongolo Zogo