Cochrane Priority Reviews List

The Cochrane Priority Reviews List is a ‘living’ record of Cochrane’s attempt to identify reviews that are of greatest importance to our stakeholders and are likely to impact significantly on health outcomes worldwide. The list is updated in real time as reviews are published and new titles added.

Whilst our approach to review production priority setting is flexible, the Cochrane Knowledge Translation (KT) Working Group on Priority Setting has defined a set of standards that Groups need to comply with when proposing a review title for the list. These standards are described in the Guidance note for Cochrane Groups to define systematic review priorities.

Each Cochrane Review Group can have up to 10 titles on the list . When proposing a title(s) for the list please use this submission form. Titles can remain on the list for approximately two years from the date of submission to the list.

Ruth Foxlee, Senior Advisor to the Editor in Chief, Editorial & Methods Department