Central Editorial Service information for review authors

Cochrane’s Central Editorial Service aims to expedite the publication of high-priority, high-impact reviews. Authors may submit their review to the Central Editorial Service directly by contacting editorial-service@cochrane.org or via the relevant Cochrane Review Group or CRG Network.

We have comprehensive acceptance criteria for the Central Editorial Service. The key points are that your review may be eligible if:

  • Your review focuses on an important topic that will influence policy or practice. For example, your review may be addressing a key knowledge gap or have been commissioned by a guideline developer or consumer group and
  • Your review is of high quality, and requires no major revisions prior to publication and
  • Your review has a protocol. This does not have to be published with Cochrane, as long as it complies with our policy on protocols.

If you think your review is a good fit of the Central Editorial Service, please contact the Central Editorial Service Managing Editor, Helen Wakeford on editorial-service@cochrane.org to discuss your application further. Alternatively, you can contact your relevant Cochrane Review Group or Review Group Network who can get in touch with the Central Editorial Service Team on your behalf.

If you submit a review, your review and its accompanying protocol will be triaged by a panel of Cochrane Editors, content experts and methodologists.

If accepted, your review will enter a streamlined editorial process (around 12-19 weeks for standard intervention reviews, longer for reviews that have complex methodology (diagnostic test accuracy reviews, prognostic reviews etc.)). The editorial process involves comprehensive methodological and content peer review as standard. You can read in detail about the editorial process here.

Once reviews have been accepted onto the Central Editorial Service, certain circumstances during the course of the editorial process may result in the review being rejected from the Central Editorial Service and transferred to the relevant Cochrane Review Group. You can read more about these circumstances here.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on editorial-service@cochrane.org if you have any questions.

Author teams reported positive feedback on their experience with the process during the pilot phase, and we will continue to seek and respond to feedback from authors.