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The Head of Editorial Frances Kellie is responsible for strategic oversight of the Central Editorial Service.

Helen Wakeford, Executive Editor of the Central Editorial Service, leads the team and oversees the quality assessment, peer review process, editing and publication of reviews.

Anne-Marie Stephani, Joey Kwong, Lara Kahale, Marwah  Anas El-Wegoud and Sam Hinsley are Managing Editors for the Central Editorial Service and are responsible for making editorial decisions about submitted manuscripts, managing the peer review process and ensuring that high quality protocols and reviews are delivered for publication.

Leticia Rodrigues and Lisa Wydryznski are the Editorial Assistants for the Central Editorial Service and are responsible for supporting the editorial process, and conducting submission and technical checks on manuscripts.

The Central Editorial Service Information Specialist provides feedback on the search methods for submitted protocols, reviews and updates. This role is currently being recruited.

Nuala Livingstone and Jennifer Hilgart are Quality Assurance Editors for the Central Editorial Service and provide methodological comments on Central Editorial Service reviews, as well as having oversight of the tools and processes for methods peer review.

The Methods Support Unit provide methodological and statistical advice on reviews in the editorial process, or escalate the issue to the appropriate Cochrane Methods group.