Fast-track team

The Deputy Editor in Chief, Karla Soares-Weiser, is responsible for strategic oversight and overall management of the team.

Helen Wakeford is Managing Editor of the Fast-Track Service and manages the quality assessment, peer review process, editing and publication of Fast-Track Reviews.

Emma Thomas is Editorial Assistant for the Fast-Track Service and is responsible for supporting the editorial process, particularly peer review.

Please contact with any enquiries and one of the team will get back to you.


Fast-Track Advisory Group

This group is involved in triaging Fast-Track submissions, and generally advising on quality control, methodological and content issues.

The core members of the Fast-Track advisory group are: Liz Bickerdike (Associate Editor), Ruth Foxlee (Senior Advisor to the Editor in Chief) and Toby Lasserson (Senior Editor).

The core team is advised by the Senior Editors of the Review Group Networks with regards to the top priority reviews and knowledge gaps in their own Network. Senior Editors, along with members of their constituent CRGs, will be invited to sit on the Fast-Track advisory group to provide content expertise for Fast-Track Reviews within their remit. Associate Editors screen Fast-Track Reviews from their Network, provide methods comments and contribute to accept/reject decisions.

If assessment of the review requires specialist methodological expertise, we involve the relevant Cochrane Methods group.

The CRG Transformation Communication Officer supports internal and external communication and public relations.