LSR Cochrane Canada Symposium slides

Cochrane Canada Symposium: Bringing Living Systematic Reviews to Life

13- 14 May 2017, David Braley Health Sciences Centre, Hamilton, ON, Canada

(Note: presentations in italics may become available once approvals are obtained.) 

Introduction to Living Systematic Reviews

Why, when and what of LSRs, Julian Elliott

Introduction to LSRs, Anneliese Synnot

State of the Science

Searching, Anna Noel-Storr

Author Management, Anneliese Synnot

Technology/machine, Ian Shemilt

Cochrane Crowd/citizen science, Anna Noel-Storr

Publication, Harriet MacLehose

Methods for updating meta-analyses, Mark Simmonds

Examples of LSRs

CENTRE-TBI, Living Systematic Reviews in traumatic brain injury, Anneliese Synnot

Child health LSRs, Sarah Elliott

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Mark Helfand

CADTH experience, Laura Weeks

Diabetes Quality Improvement LSR, Katrina Sullivan

Lung cancer Live cumulative network meta-analyses, Phillipe Ravaud

Taking LSRs into policy and practice

Living guidelines, Elie Akl

The policy implications of LSRs and building a broader informational platform to support decision makers, Jeremy Grimshaw