Board sub-committees

Cochrane Governing Board Sub Committees - January 2017

The following sub-committees are made up of current members of the Board and are responsible for specific areas of Board activity. Those members in italics are supporting members from the Central Executive Team.

Remuneration Committee

Lisa Bero
Cindy Farquhar
Martin Burton
Sarah Watson

Investment, Finance & Audit Committee (previously Investment Sub-committee)

Cindy Farquhar
Martin Burton
Catherine Marshall
Mona Nasser
Sarah Watson
Mark Wilson

Board External Member Nomination Sub-Committee

Lisa Bero
Cindy Farquhar
Joerg Meerpohl
Denise Thomson
Miranda Cumpston

Governance Reform Working Group

Denise Thomson (Co-Chair)
Lisa Bero (Co-Chair)
Joerg Meerpohl
Mark Wilson
Lucie Binder

In addition to the above there are two Advisory Groups that don’t contain any Board members but do report to the Board:

Cochrane Library Oversight Committee (CLOC)

Godwin Busuttil
Manu Mathew
Saeed Farooq
Tracey Koehlmoos
David Moher
Magne Nylenna
Richard Smith (Chair)
David Tovey
Lijing Yan 
Charles Young

Funding Arbiter Panel

Fergus Macbeth (Funding Arbiter)
Angela Webster (Funding Arbiter)
Dorie Appollonio
Joaquin Barnoya
Andreas Lundh
Richard Wormald
Ruth Foxlee
Maria Gerardi