Informatics and Knowledge Management

The Informatics & Knowledge Management Department is Cochrane's unified technology group, combining web services with software and technology leadership. The IKMD is directly responsible for all technical and software solutions employed by Cochrane, which includes the following:

  • Review production systems - RevMan, Archie, and the Cochrane Register of Studies (CRS)
  • Development and support of Cochrane websites, including the Colloquium management software
  • Knowledge management services and initiatives, such as Linked Data
  • The User Experience Group (UXG) consultative framework and user feedback platform
  • Management of IT provision for Cochrane’s Central Executive

The team comprises staff members based in three hub offices and remote workers. These include the following teams:

  • Freiburg, Germany: Head of Department; Web Team
  • Copenhagen, Denmark: Review Production Team; UX Team; Systems Administration
  • London, UK: Project Support Office

The department has additional staff based in Spain, Sweden, Canada, the Netherlands, and Italy. 

IKMD supports the development of tools designed to make the complex processes involved in producing Cochrane Reviews simpler, faster, and more efficient. Find out more about IKMD's various projects.

Team contact: Tom Cracknell, Project Coordinator