How to Log In

How to Access Archie or request an account

Each person accessing Archie must do so with an individual user account, consisting of a user name and password. With an account, you can log in to Archie, view and update your own details, and view those resources that all users can see. Based on your roles within various Cochrane entities, you may have permissions to view or edit additional resources.

For information about using Archie, see the Archie Resources page.

New users

You can only get access to Archie once you are working with a Cochrane group.

If you are not yet active in the Collaboration, but would like to become involved, see the Get Involved section on the Cochrane website.

If you are are an active Cochrane contributor, but do not have an account, follow these  steps:

  1. Go to the Archie log in page and click "Not a User? Request a User Account".
  2. Input your email address(es) and the verification code
  3. If your email address can be found in the system, your request for an account will be sent to the Cochrane group responsible for your Archie record. Once they approve the request, you will be sent a registration email with instructions on how to proceed.
    Note:  some email systems may falsely classify the registration email as spam, so check your junk mail folder if you are waiting.
  4. If your email address is not in the system, you may be able to enter your details and submit  them to the relevant group. If the Cochrane group you are working with does not have this enabled, you must contact them directly and ask them to add your contact details to Archie, and then send you a registration email.

If you have problems completing the registration procedure, contact your Cochrane group.