How to Log In

To access Archie, Cochrane’s central server for managing documents and contact details, you require a Cochrane Account and an active role with a Cochrane Group, Field or Centre.

Cochrane Account and Archie

A Cochrane Account gives you access to all of Cochrane and its associated tools. You can use it to log in to any Cochrane system, including Cochrane Crowd, Task Exchange, RevMan and Archie. It replaces Archie accounts as the primary mode of authentication across Cochrane’s tools. (See ‘About Cochrane Account’ for more details).

If you are active with a Cochrane Group, Centre or Field, a Cochrane Account allows you access to Archie, the ability to view and update your details, and view publicly available resources. Depending on your roles within various Cochrane entities, you may have permission to view or edit additional resources.

If you already had an existing Archie account, this is now your Cochrane Account. You can use the same login credentials to access your new Cochrane Account.

For information about using Archie, see Archie Resources.

New users

Access to Archie is dependent on having an active role with a Cochrane Group, Centre or Field and a Cochrane Account.

If you are not yet active with a Cochrane Group, but would like to become involved, see the Get Involved section of the Cochrane website.