Updates on EPPI-Reviewer

From the IKMD Mid-Year Report, March 2016

EPPI-Reviewer is Cochrane’s second author support tool, providing more advanced functionality compared to Covidence, including the capacity to support more complex reviews including narrative and qualitative synthesis. Cochrane authors can now log into EPPI-Reviewer using their Archie logins and check their reviews in and out. The next phase of development during Q2 2016 will include the exchange of review data with Archie in the check in / check out procedure and the ability to specify where extracted data should appear when the review is opened in RevMan.

New machine learning functionality will go live in EPPI-Reviewer in March / April 2016, which should be particularly useful to authors with screening searches that yield large numbers of citations; and integration with the statistical software ‘R’ is progressing, providing authors with the capacity to conduct more complex statistical analyses (including meta-regression, network meta-analyses and multivariate meta analysis).

Complete information on how to access EPPI-Reviewer and how to find support when authors have questions are now available on the Cochrane Training site at http://training.cochrane.org/resource/ceppi-reviewer.