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We thank the following working group leads and contributors for their early development of the Standards: Doug Altman, Mohammed Ansari (Methods lead), Sally Bell-Syer, Patrick Bossuyt, Deborah Caldwell, Christopher Cates, Rachel Churchill (Co-ordinating Editors (Co-Eds) lead, Co-ordinating team), Mike Clarke (Co-Eds co-lead), Jan Clarkson (Co-Eds co-lead), Philippa Davies, Marina Davoli (Co-Eds lead), Ruth Foxlee, Chantelle Garritty, Davina Ghersi (Co-Eds co-lead), Julie Glanville (Methods co-lead), Peter Herbison, Julian Higgins (Co-ordinating team), Sophie Hill (Co-Eds lead), Toby Lasserson (Co-ordinating team), Edith Leclercq, Carol Lefebvre (Methods co-lead), Jessie McGowan, Rachel Marshall, Ruth Mitchell, Donal O’Mathuna, Anna Noel-Storr, Georgia Salanti (Methods lead), Doug Salzwedel, Margaret Sampson, Jelena Savovic, Holger Schünemann (Methods lead), Ian Shemilt, Nandi Siegfried Jonathan Sterne (Methods lead), Britta Tendal (Methods lead), David Tovey (Co-ordinating team), Peter Tugwell, Lucy Turner, Claire Vale, Julia Walters, Helen Worthington (Co-Eds lead), and Janelle Yorke. We also thank all those Cochrane members of Review Groups, Methods Groups, Fields, Centres and Training who responded in some detail to MECIR Standards consultations, allowing us to improve these Standards to ensure relevance and comprehension.

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26 September 2019