Announcing Cochrane’s Chief Information Officer

Announcing Cochrane’s Chief Information Officer

Dear colleagues

There is a close collaborative working relationship between Cochrane’s Information Specialists (CISs) and the Central Executive’s Informatics & Knowledge Management Department (IKMD) in relation to our Linked Data work - specifically, annotation of Cochrane Reviews and Studies. We expect the work on annotation and metadata management to expand and become even more important in the coming years, and therefore we are formalizing this closer collaboration by introducing a ‘dotted line’ support and advisory relationship between CISs and Chris Mavergames, Head of Informatics and Knowledge Management.

All existing formal lines of accountability remain in place and are unaffected by this change. CISs continue to report to the Coordinating Editor (Co-Ed) of their Review Group and then to David Tovey as Editor in Chief. This new ‘dotted line’ advisory relationship does not change that all workload management and day-to-day operational management of the Information Specialists’ work remains with their respective Co-Eds.

As part of our recognition of the future importance to Cochrane of data structures, metadata standards, and other data-level aspects of our technology and knowledge management infrastructure, Chris will be taking on the title of Chief Information Officer (CIO) as well as Head of IKMD. The CIS Executive will continue to have an advisory role to him on relevant issues.

If you have any questions or concerns about this development, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Best regards

David Tovey, Editor in Chief/Deputy CEO

 Chris Mavergames, Head of Informatics and Knowledge Management/CIO

January 30, 2017