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News Item

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Content Type

Fact-based, information, explanation, announcements,  requesting feedback/participation

Opinion, updates on projects, providing background information, personal experiences - storytelling is key!


Time sensitive - at the start or end of a project, reaching a milestone

Not time sensitive - before official launch, during a project to give updates, after implementation


Formal - straightforward, objective tone

Informal - conversational, casual, and written in your “voice” to connect with the reader. There is an automatic disclaimer at the bottom of the page that it is an opinion, etc.


Generally the author is not noted

Written by a person or group. Please provide one paragraph at the start saying who the blog is from, their title, the topic, and why this is important to the Cochrane Community

Ideal length

2-4 paragraphs but can be 1 page

1-2 pages


Highlight key points in bold or use bullet points. For longer items use heading.

Use headings or bullet points. Top five or Top Ten lists with further details are also popular


Provide readers with an action to take - a link to more information, a contact email, etc.  


Optional - Provide a headshot or the URL of a suggested graphic from and we will create a graphic for social media


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