Apply for Cochrane's KT mentoring scheme!

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Would you like guidance on your Cochrane knowledge translation (KT) project or activity? Are you keen to share your KT experience and learnings with others? We are pleased to announce that the Cochrane KT mentoring Scheme is now open for new mentors and mentees until 30th September 2020.

The mentoring scheme aims to connect people who are planning or running a KT project or activity within Cochrane (mentees) with people who have experience and knowledge of delivering KT activities or projects (mentors). The mentor and mentee will meet online for approximately 60 minutes per month on a 1:1 basis for six to nine months to discuss the specifics of the KT activity or project and the learning and development needs of the mentee.

Who is an ideal mentee?

Mentees will be people with a Cochrane KT activity or project running from November 2020. This could be:

  • developing and/or evaluating a KT strategy for your Cochrane group;
  • identifying and developing strategic partnerships with key stakeholders for your group;
  • running a Cochrane prioritisation process;
  • creating programmes for building capacity in target audiences to use Cochrane evidence; 
  • developing strategies for involving consumers (or other stakeholders) in the development and dissemination of a Cochrane Review; or
  • any other KT activity or project that you are planning or running!

Mentees should be committed to reflecting on their own practice, eager to engage in learning new skills, developing knowledge and sharing these skills with colleagues. Mentees will be responsible for contacting their mentor and for thinking about what it is that they want to achieve. 

Who is an ideal mentor?

Mentors will be people who are experienced in delivering KT projects. This experience may be from work within Cochrane, within other organizations, or both. Mentors will have the ability to listen to their mentees and provide guidance and knowledge in the areas where the mentees need support. Mentors aren’t expected to be experts across all of knowledge translation and can identify their areas of expertise in the application form. Mentors will receive training (optional for experienced mentors) and resources to support their mentoring skills. 

Where to find out more?

If you are interested in finding out more, you can register for one of our information sessions:

Or go to the Cochrane KT mentoring website to find more information and to apply!

September 1, 2020