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Santiago Colloquium

Sign-up for the Colloquium schedule
If you are attending the Santiago Colloquium,  login to your Colloquium account, and sign-up for the sessions you want to attend. Create your own personal schedule for the colloquium and then export to Outlook/Google and add personal notes.

Please note that most workshops have limited capacity, therefore participants are required to sign up for workshops. You can only sign up for one workshop per time slot, but you can be on the waiting list of a preferred workshop while signed up for another one. You will then receive an email when a spot is available.

Restricted meetings
Meetings are open to all delegates unless marked 'Restricted' to a specific target audience.

Social events
Register and donate today for the Anne Anderson Fundraising Walk – a tour on Santiago’s Cerro San Cristobal, set-up to raise money for the Anne Anderson Prize.

Your own schedule


October 2, 2019