Cochrane Classmate webinar: 20 Nov 2018

Cochrane Classmate webinar: 20 Nov 2018

Cochrane Classmate could change how evidence production is taught in classrooms around the world.

 Brought to you by the Cochrane Crowd team, Classmate is a trainers’ toolkit that allows you to create exciting, interactive tasks that help your students learn about evidence production. It is easy to use, and its first release is now available free of charge to anyone interested. Join the growing number of teachers and trainers using this innovative online learning environment.

This webinar will introduce you to Classmate, including how to create a learning activity, invite students to that activity, and monitor their progress.  You’ll see the modules currently available on Classmate and hear about others launching soon.

Tuesday 20th November 12.30-1.30pm GMT

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November 8, 2018