Cochrane Community adapts to their new working situations – see the pictures!

Working from home

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many in the Cochrane community have moved to remote and flexible working. Here they share pictures of their new work situations.

Cochrane is a formidable global community of supporters and members, and now, more than ever, our values of connection, community and collaboration hold us together. We have set-up Slack for our core community, an online collaboration and chat platform, to encourage communication between members. We are also communicating all COVID-19 news on one central page on that will be updated daily.

We hope that you will check-in with each other and we welcome you to share pictures of your current situation. Please email Rachel Klabunde to contribute. We hope you enjoy this lighthearted community news item!

a box of Christmas favors
GNOC members on virtual Christmas party
Members of Cochrane Gynaecological, Neuro-oncology and Orphan Cancers celebrate the Christmas holiday over Zoom, with festive baubles and a box each member received. 
picture of a table in a camper with a computer, a notebook sitting between them
Maureen Smith, Chair of Cochrane’s Consumer Network Executive, doesn’t let living in a small motorhome on the shores of the St-Lawrence Seaway in Canada for this summer deter her from volunteering for Cochrane.
A collage of photos of people working from home, some smiling to the camera, one reaching over dogs to be able to type, and a cat looking at a computer screen
Members of the Gynaecological, Neuro-oncology and Orphan Cancer Group share their work from home set ups, pets included!
Two smiling women sit in a garden at a patio table
Gail Quinn and Clare Jess, Managing Editors for the Gynaecological, Neuro-oncology and Orphan Cancer Group, have spent today working on the EMS survey in Clare’s garden. Coffee and cake helped! ?
picture of a table with a computer, a notebook, and a cat sitting between them
Anne-Marie Stephanie, from Cochrane's Central Executive Team, has an obstacle between her computer and notes while working from home. 
Picture of a computer screen with Cochrane Library on it, and a mug of coffee
Patricia Ventura in Brasil searches for high-quality evidence on while sipping her coffee. 
Picture of a computer screen with a beach and ocean view in the background
Ana Pizarro, a nursing student, enjoys a lovely view while working from a beach house in Colombia.
picture of a computer, pen, and note pad with Cochrane logo
Federico Drago, who participated in Cochrane Italy's 2019 Cochrane Summer School, uses time at home to learn more about producing high quality systematic reviews. 
Image of a table with a tablet with the Cochrane logo and a notebook with writing in it
Álina Carvalho Pedrosa Santos recently attended a systematic review workshop put on by Cochrane Brasil. It is a great time to learn more about systematic reviews at home, she says.
Picture of a computer on a table next to a sign that says "Search and stay home".
Search and stay home! Camila Belo, Information Specialist, librarian and Bibliohealth digital creator, working from home studying COVID strategies for a collaboration with BIREME/OPAS.
Picture of a laptop on a table looking out onto a balcony
Raquel Escabias Aceituno enjoying her sunny work from home view in Spain.
Black and white close up of a computer with window background
Julián Balanta Melo uses his work from home time in Colombia to complete the Cochrane Interactive Learning course. 
Picture of a computer desk against a window with ocean view
Doug Salzwedel, IS and Assistant ME for Cochrane Hypertension, has his work from home desk set up in his apartment living room, with this beautiful view!
Image of table with two computers overlooking city view
Husband and wife researchers Sumanth Kumbargere and Prashanti Eachempati work on Cochrane Oral Health reviews from their home office. 
Picture of computer, table and a bowl of fruit
Jo Abbott, Information Specialist for Cochrane PaPaS, has no excuse not to get her 5 fruits a day with this work from home setup!
Picture of Lego person and computer
Jorien Laermans retrieves the most reliable evidence concerning COVID-19 from The Cochrane Special Collections at her work from home set up. 
Image of a blonde woman smiling sitting at a desk
Vanessa Jordan from Cochrane New Zealand shares her work from home setup.
Image of desk with garden view, with couch next to it with a dog on it
Tracey Howe, Director of Cochrane-Campbell Global Ageing, makes the most of her work from home situation with her dog and a sunny outlook in Glasgow!
Picture of desk with computer, with forest view out of the window
Catherine Marshall, Co-Chair of Cochrane's Governing Board, has a beautiful, forested New Zealand view out of her window while working from home. 
Picture of a desk with computer on it
Melissa Murano, from Cochrane Australia, has a work from home setup that is not new -- she has been working from home for the past 15 years!
Picture of a computer on a table, a flowered pillow, and a cat
Sarah Chapman of Cochrane UK enjoys working from home with Frankie, Assistant Editor of Evidently Cochrane
Photo of a desk and chair with a blanket over it
Kayleigh Kew, Senior Methods Editor, is hard at work at her desk working on Rapid Reviews in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  
Picture of a desk with a skylight right above it
Katie Abbotts, Cochrane's External Communications and Media Officer, says of her work from home set-up, "I can see magpies, blue tits and robins on the trees above my head through that skylight."
Photo of an elevated desk with spring tulips out the window view
Network Support Fellow Audrey Tan's DIY work from home standing desk gives her a view of spring tulips and sunshine.
Photo of a table with a computer and children's drawings next to it
Rachel Riera from Cochrane Brazil works in RevMan alongside her children's masterpiece artwork!
Picture of a desk with axes hanging over it
Gavin Stewart, PaPaS Statistics Editor, works from home under the axe, with dog keeping him company on mug and coaster. 
John Hilton
John Hilton, Senior Editor of the Cochrane Library, has moved his office into a spare room.
Rohan's desk
Rohan, PhD student and  Health Services Researcher, is using Cochrane Central to make sure he the latest evidence-based research.
Jane's desk
Jane Burch, Editor of Cochrane Clinical Answers is kept company by her cat.
Ella's desk
Ella Flemyng, Methods Implementation Coordinator, is set up at the kitchen table.
Miranda's desk
Miranda Cumpston, Cochrane Public Health Editor, is enjoying her flat white coffee from her home office.
Muriah's desk
Muriah Umoquit, Communications and Analytics Officer, enjoys daily live music performances.
Jordi's desk
Jordi Pardo, Co-managing editor of Cochrane Musculoskeletal, always has Archie and Slack open!
Anne's desk
Anne Erskine, Managing Editor of PaPaS, takes full advantage of getting some work in while her child naps.
Jane's cat
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24 December 2020