The Cochrane International Mobility Programme in Cochrane Croatia

The Cochrane International Mobility (CIM) Programme in Cochrane Croatia

This summer Cochrane Croatia took part in the Cochrane International Mobility (CIM) Programme and hosted a brilliant, smart and hardworking young colleague, Sarah Tanveer, one of the Cochrane’s 30 under 30.

This was an encouraging experience for us all, and spending time with Sarah, exchanging experiences, teaching and working with her was a true refreshment to our Centre.

What comes to my mind when I look back at this worthy initiative and our experience is this sentence that Miranda Cumpston once wrote…

“Being part of The Cochrane Collaboration is more than a publication or a job. It's a network of colleagues, advisors and friends that spans the globe ‐ an incomparable opportunity to learn, collaborate and share with some amazing people”.

We are thankful to Cochrane Sweden for initiating this programme and we look forward to watching it grow.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Hence, we’ve made this short video and are happy to share with you some of the moments captured during the Cochrane International Mobility Programme in Croatia.


Tina Poklepović Peričić,

Co-director Cochrane Croatia



30 July 2019

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