Cochrane Scientific Committee call for methods submissions

Cochrane Scientific Committee call for methods submissions

The Cochrane Scientific Committee (CSC) is a new body with responsibility for making scientific decisions about the implementation of new methods for Cochrane Reviews. This committee now underway will build up an agenda of priority methods for future implementation. From time to time Cochrane members will have the opportunity to submit methodological items to the committee.

We have opened the first call for submissions to this committee. Submitted items will include methodological improvements or tool development, new methods, or methods offering different approaches. Submissions should involve methods or methods related development deemed important to improve the quality and credibility of Cochrane Reviews, or methods Cochrane should employ, or does, but there are differences of opinion on approach. We only need brief information at this point for the CSC members to make a judgement about importance, value and priority to Cochrane and its future development. We will respond to all submissions with the committee's decision and, may request further information and attendance at a future CSC meeting.

Please complete the call submission form here. Deadline for applications is Monday 25th September, 2017.

Please direct any enquiries to Jackie Chandler (Methods Co-ordinator).

August 10, 2017