Cochrane welcomes Cochrane Argentina

Cochrane welcomes Cochrane Argentina

Cochrane is delighted to announce the official launch of Cochrane Argentina, a new Cochrane centre with a vision to increase the use of best evidence to inform healthcare decision making throughout Argentina.

Cochrane Argentina consists of three institutions working in collaboration: Instituto de Efectividad Clínica y Sanitaria (IECS, Buenos Aires), Instituto Universitario Hospital Italiano (IUHI, Buenos Aires) and Centro Rosarino de Estudios Perinatales (CREP, Santa Fe). Cochrane Argentina’s inaugural Director will be Agustin Ciapponi supported by the leaders of the other two institutions, Juan Franco (IUHI) and Yanina Sguassero (CREP). Together they will offer methodological support, mentoring, and supervision to the region.

Director of Cochrane Argentina, Agustin Ciapponi, says this is a hugely exciting opportunity: “The launch of Cochrane Argentina is very important, both to our country and globally. Producing and increasing the dissemination of the best available information on health care is critical for clinicians and patients everywhere in the world.”

Cochrane’s CEO Mark Wilson, warmly welcomed today’s news: “We are delighted by the launch of Cochrane Argentina and look forward to welcoming more Argentine collaborators to our worldwide network of volunteers. I am sure the new Centre will greatly expand the scope, reach, and impact of Cochrane evidence on health and healthcare decision-making across Argentina and the whole of South America. We are continuing to offer through a sales trial programme one-click access to the Cochrane Library in Argentina; and downloads of Cochrane Systematic Reviews have increased by nearly 900% in the last two years. This is tremendously encouraging as we seek to help clinicians, researchers, policy makers, patients and the general public improve health outcomes across the country.”

October 26, 2017