Cochrane's new focused review format: what you need to know


Cochrane has made significant changes and improvements to Cochrane’s review production model, which has led to the creation of our new focused review format. This isn't just a tweak - it's a complete overhaul to make life easier for our authors and improve how our systematic reviews are conducted and presented. 

Take a look below to find out more, and watch our two-minute video explaining the changes with Cochrane’s Ella Flemyng.

A new era for Cochrane Reviews - dates you need to know

From 1st April 2024, all new submissions should be in this new focused review format. If you are submitting after this date, please log into RevMan now and switch to the focused format. This is ahead of our big changeover on 1st June 2024, when all systematic reviews in RevMan will automatically convert to the focused format.

For those with protocols and reviews in the editorial and production stages as of June 1st, don't worry. Your RevMan file won't switch to the focused review format until after the final editorial decision, either publication if accepted, or rejection.

The Focused Review Format: Work Smarter, Not Harder

The focused format is designed to streamline the review process and make things simpler and clearer for our Authors. Not only will it simplify reporting and speed up the development of reviews, but it will also amplify the impact of published reviews.

From June 1st, all reviews in RevMan will automatically have access to study centric data management, which brings a host of benefits to authors. Study centric data will be available in RevMan files that use the following review types: Intervention, Methodology, Flexible. You'll be able to reuse study data between analyses and import study data from Excel and Covidence. You can read more here about the difference in the data management options.

If you're eager to get ahead of the curve, you can activate study centric data on your review dashboard now, before it automatically goes live on June 1st. Find out more in the RevMan Knowledge Base.

A consistent, clearer experience for all our Authors

Cochrane is making these changes to ensure all authors enjoy a consistent, simplified process. It will also make training and support much more straightforward. Cochrane’s author guidelines provide essential guidance on preparing your manuscript for submission, including how to check if your submission meets Cochrane standards and policies. For further details, don't hesitate to consult the RevMan Knowledge Base and Cochrane's author guidelines.

Do get in touch with Cochrane’s support team with any issues or questions!

12 March 2024